affordable ways to

license music


Why do i need to license music?

Similarly to Plagiarism, taking someone’s music without permission is stealing. Not only is it not cool, it is not legal, and you can find yourself in heaps of trouble if you take an artist’s track. This is why licensing is so important. Licensing is permission given from the artist to you for your project, and something you’ll learn is that music is not cheap! Often times in films, a large portion of their budget goes to the soundtrack. This is why you’ll hear in lower-budget films, the music is a little bit quirkier or low quality. You’ll find that you get what you pay for when it comes to music.

Something that I want you to do is go through a few of these sites that I have included, and compare/contrast the sites. What have you learned about buying music?



reaching out to artists

Something that I occasionally do is go onto Soundcloud and see if I find any tracks that I like from unfamiliar artists. Usually if I reach out to them and tell them what the video is for, they are excited to share their music and ask to see it when the project is complete.


"envato elements" pricing

Envato is a very affordable platform that has cheap stock footage, license-free music. Envato Elements is a subscription base, and for $16 you will have unlimited access to their video, music, effect, etc. library.

"soundstripe" pricing

Soundstripe is Subscription Based and costs about $19/month or $130/year. The best part about Soundstripe is that it doesn’t matter what type of project that you are working on. You have unlimited music licenses!

"" pricing is similar to Sounstripe, and is subscription based site. It costs $199 for the entire year. And you have unlimited music licenses.


"musicbed" pricing
  • Youtubers: $9/month
  • Non-Profit: $20/month
  • Wedding: $59/month
  • Business: $89/month

You can also buy just one song license, and prices range from $50-$250.


"epidemic sound" pricing
  • Personal Use: $15/month
  • Professional Use: $50/month

You can also request a custom quote to purchase one song.


"marmoset" pricing

Each song ranges between $50-$250 depending on what type of license you are looking to buy.

My favorite site

For my own projects, I personally like Soundstripe the best. Their deal is hard to beat. An entire year subscription is the cost of 1 or 2 songs from one of the higher end sites! However, I do factor in budget of projects. If I have a project with a higher budget, I usually will use a track from MusicBed.