Adobe premiere is the beast of this semester. if you can learn how to effectively use premiere, you will have an invaluable skill that very few have (and very many would pay for $$$)

say hello to your new best friend…


…Or worst nightmare, depending on who you ask! Adobe Premiere is the cream of the crop, le creme de la creme of video editing. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video that shows some movies that were edited in Adobe Premiere! I’m not going to pretend like learning how to use Premiere is necessarily easy. I also would say that it’s not impossible. And the coolest part about living today is that we have so many resources to learn new skills from home. So this page, I want to just include my All-Time Favorite Tutorials. These come from common questions from my past students. Whether you know a skill or not, every tutorial will likely teach you something that you didn’t know before. Bon apetit!



Beginner Tutorials

where do i even begin?

This is a great tutorial for all of you who have never opened Adobe Premiere before. Even if you have, you may learn a few new tips and tricks that you didn’t know before! This will walk you through opening a brand new project, to adding music, transitions, etc.

awesome transitions

If you’ve seen the transitions available in Premiere, they are a little lack luster, but if you know how to make your own transitions, you can make really cool and professional videos.

Speed ramping

This is how you can speed up your video footage and slow it down. This is super simple, and you can learn how to do it in 2 minutes!

fixing shaky footage

If you don’t have a gimbal or a tripod, this can help you get some stable footage. It isn’t a fix-all. If your footage is really shaky, it doesn’t do much to help you, but it definitely can make some shots look infinitely better.

using speed and stabilizer

Don’t ask me why, but you can’t use Warp Stabilizer and Speed/Duration at the same time, so this is the sneaky way around it.

color correction/grading

This is how you can spice up some of your footage, by correcting the color!

Stop Motion

Maybe you’ve seen a stop motion video, but haven’t tried it before and want to. Here’s a great step-by-step video!

text write-on effect

I’m sure you’ve seen this on travel videos! Here is how to do it!

camera glitch effect

This is a cool effect that can also be used with transitions, it’s fun!

After effects tutorials (Advanced)

hand drawn effect

This is how you can add hand-drawn effects to your footage. You will need Adobe After Effects to do this effect.

camera tracking

This is how you can get text or words that move with the footage. You will need Adobe After Effects to do this effect.

13 reasons why intro

Do this cool Effect by yourself. Have photos frozen in place in your footage. You will need Adobe After Effects to use this effect.