I’ve had several requests recently asking me about what I am up to and what my most recent projects have been, so I’ve decided to share some pictures and things of some of the things I have been working on and what I have been up to lately!!


Here’s a haka for you all! Enjoy!



The last few months have been a whirlwind. Sorry for not keeping up, quite honestly, I don’t know where to begin. Here’s a fun story, Justin was at work about a week ago, and saw a commercial that I had made with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I helped them make an English, Hawaiian, Tagalog, and Ilocano commercial for their organization, which was super fun as usual. I’ll include the commercial here. 

In other news, Justin and I will be relocating come this November. I started teaching online so that the move will be less stressful. We are moving to Petaluma, California. Just north of San Francisco! I’m excited to get to know people in California, and hopefully film a few weddings while I am there!

Other than that, my time has been spent just by trying to create my online class. It’s a little exhausting, who knew, but I’m really excited with the curriculum I have put together so far. I’ll include my intro video!

A couple weeks ago, I filmed a wedding that was supposed to be in the middle of a hurricane. Funny how I’m always filming those weddings! Anyways, the weather held  off, and we were able to shoot a beautiful day at one of the most beautiful venues I have worked at, Loulu Palms. It was really amazing.


APRIL 2019

I’m excited to show you some of the things that I have worked on this month. I worked with NIU Pacific, a Cosmetic Coconut Oil Business with a mission to alleviate poverty. We went to Solomon Islands, where we met with their suppliers (Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands) and got to tour the facility. Honiara, the capital of Solomon’s, is a very poor city. Many people are without jobs, and their way of making money is selling beetle nut (a horrible plant similar to chewing tobacco). Kokonut Pacific has created facilities throughout the islands to create jobs for families in these islands while also creating the world’s best coconut oil. If you’re interested in this coconut oil, CLICK HERE to learn more and buy your own. I use it regularly as makeup remover, as well as a moisturizer! I was in Honiara for about a week, and I stopped in Nadi, Fiji for transit. It was a blast, but I’m also extremely happy to be home with my husband and family 😉 Here are some pictures of the trip and the kids. I can’t wait to show you some videos!

It’s a new year, and there have been a bunch of changes in my life as well as my business. First of all, I got married. Yes, I changed my name, so I am now Andrea Wykstra. My business name is still Andrea Marshall Video, but my name is now legally Andrea Wykstra. I had good friends film and take photos for me, Sei Kuwahara and Harold Pedroso. Talk about the most romantic and rainy day you can ever imagine. I did a short edit of our wedding day so you’ll see some pics and videos at the end of this post.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done a good amount of rebranding, and so I have a new logo, an updated website, and all my pages are all branded the same! Finally!! So if you haven’t had the opportunity, check them out. My instagram is now @andreabmarshall and my facebook is @andreamarshallvideo. Go check them out!

We will be starting a new business soon. It is called North Shore Photo Booth at and that will be a blast. Our test run was at our wedding, and we had so much fun we are going get it up and running for upcoming local events in Oahu.

Next month we will be running a GIVEAWAY, and guys, IT WILL BE HUGE. So stay up to date, tel your friends. I’m so excited!

These last few months have been pretty crazy for me. I’ve had a lot of personal changes in my life, as well as professional projects that have been absolutely amazing. First of all, I started teaching at BYU-Hawaii. That has been such an awesome experience, getting to teach young students how to make videos. It has been such a blast. The class is ENTR 373, which is a video marketing class. I’ll show you one of the projects that we worked on together.

I also worked with KFVE on several local projects. KFVE is a local Hawaiian Station, and it has been awesome making videos with them. I’ve gotten to work with Miss Teen Hawaii. And one of my favorite videos I worked with them was one for Big Brothers Big Sisters – Hawaii.

I went to Tallahassee again to film another wedding. I grew up with Elyse Wahlquist and was able to fly out to her wedding. It was actually one of the craziest, most humbling experiences to be in Tallahassee during one of the worst hurricanes in U.S. History. I got to see so many old faces, and the wedding was incredibly beautiful.

The last few months have also been busy, personally. Justin, my now fiancee, proposed in October and we’ve been planning our wedding this December. It has been a whirlwind and so much more planning than I have ever imagined. But it has been a blast. I’m so excited for this new chapter in my life, and I’m grateful to have someone so awesome constantly by my side.

JULY 2018
This month was a tour of the country. In the middle of the July, I flew out to North Carolina to film a wedding for a dear friend of mine, Jessica Ogden. Growing up, I used to babysit her kids, and so I was honored when she called me and asked me if I could film her wedding. I flew to Tallahassee, then drove up to North Carolina, where I stayed for 3 days, then I flew to Utah, where I went to go meet Justin’s (my boyfriend) family. We were there for a week, he flew back to Honolulu, and then I flew to Medford Oregon for another week to spend some time with my extended family. While in all of these places, I had really cool film and photo opportunities. I love going to the  mainland, but I love Hawaii more 😉
JUNE 2018
Us Marshall Gals took a week trip to Japan. Anna came home from Idaho, and Allie graduated high school, so we thought it would be fun to do a sister trip. We went to Osaka, Japan, which turned out to be one of my favorite places. It was so clean, the people were friendly, the food was awesome. We went to Universal Studios, and it was pouring. It was raining quite a bit during our trip, but it was so much fun!
These few months have been totally dedicated to weddings. I had originally just one package for my weddings, and I decided to make 3 packages during Valentines Day, which opened up a lot of new clientel. Mini packages were a hit, and I got several inquiries about them, so they have kept me so busy. I had a lot of really cool clients that I worked with.
WHEN IN ROME, do as the Romans! I had a week at the end of February that was free, and I took a trip to Roma! It was spectacular! Everyone was freaking out when they found out that I was going by myself. My trip to France with Angelee was my test drive with traveling alone, and this time I really did it! I had so much fun.

Everyone says that you need to pay extra not to wait in line. I found that as long as I left my apartment early enough, and I arrived to the big places early, there  wasn’t really a line. I was the first person in the Colosseum, one of the first people at St. Peters Basilica. What an amazing experience. As an artist, I was so captivated. The gelato was so dope. There is this place called Giolitti. The gelato was about 2.50 euro. I ate so much pizza!

On the day that I was planning on getting to Pompeii, there was a snow storm. A cold front from Siberia came down and hit the Mediterranian. It was so beautiful, but impossible to figure out the train stations. After hours of confusion and freezing, I finally saw a train leaving for Naples and got on it, even though that train wasn’t my train! Pompeii was sobering but such a cool place to be. In the last 40 years, this was the second time that they had seen snow. I got to see a part of Italy that is incredibly rare.

Finally on the last day, I returned to Rome, and stayed in this amazing hotel. It was HEATED, can you believe  it? I took a hot bath, and was ready to go home! Unfortunately, I brought the flu home with me!

December was a month that I dedicated to hula. I wanted to create a short documentary about hula and the history behind it. I worked with “Ring of Fire”, who were amazing with each dance that they performed. We took 2 nights that month, one night dedicated to the boys. We filmed them here on the North Shore. For the girls, we wanted to film in a place that had historical significance, so we chose to film it at Aloha Tower, where many dancers would dance for the boats as they came into Honolulu Harbor. This project was my baby. I spent several days editing it to get it up to the standard that I wanted it. My goal was to finish it by the 19th of December, because I was leaving for Utah that day. I interviewed Cy Bridges, who is a huge deal in the hula world. He was awesome! Anyways, this was the project. I hope y’all love it.
This month, I was so stoked because my friend Katie was getting married in Mesa, Arizona. I was super lucky to get to go to that and film the occasion! I’ve been to Mesa a few times, but it’s only been driving through (and usually at night) so I had never actually stopped to really enjoy it. It was a super quick trip, I honestly wish it was a little bit longer so I could have seen what more the desert has to offer. It was so different from Hawaii, so it was cool getting to see a different scene! The wedding was absolutely stunning, and everyone was so kind! Everything was super cheap! I forget how expensive it is to live in Hawaii, and then I go back to the mainland and remember that Hawaii is crazy expensive (but that’s the price I pay to live in paradise!)

Anyways, when I wasn’t filming the wedding, I got to see some more scenic parts of the area. I was so excited to see it, and people from Arizona were like… sorry it’s no Hawaii but…
Honestly, I believe that everywhere you go can be the most beautiful place on earth! All you need is the right perspective! Arizona kept it REAL.

So this was random, but I helped a friend of mine make a music video. We filmed one evening on the point and then I worked on it that following week. It was pretty sweet because a few days later, my video popped up on

If you click the image below, it will take you to the link!

JUNE / JULY 2017
So I went ahead and did something that I had been terrified of doing for the longest time! I finally bought myself a drone! I was so scared to buy it, but I am so happy that I bought it!! I went out and played with it quite a bit, and I’ve had a few close calls! I almost chopped off my leg once at the beach, but I didn’t (thank goodness!)  This month I helped film a Christmas Music Video for pianist Garth Smith! It was awesome that I could use the drone in that video!! Guys, drones are awesome! I made a few other videos this month! I did a motion graphic video for a competition that the Polynesian Cultural Center was holding! It was a popularity contest, and honestly, popularity contests are incredibly exhausting! Anyways, here are some screenshots.
MAY 2017
Thank you Nespresso!
So this is easily one of the craziest things that has happened to me… ever! A friend of mine told me about this competition hosted by Nespresso. Their theme was “You Have the Power To…” and you had to film in a vertical format. I thought it was a really neat idea, so I decided to give it a try. Before I knew it, I was shortlisted and I was flown out to New York City to take part in the Tribeca Film Festival, where me and two other finalists would showcase our films. My video was the winner of the two videos and I was invited to the Cannes Film Festival in France to participate there as well. Below is the film that I entered, as well as a film that I made while in France!
This video is a poem that I had found on Instagram. The author is Dallas Clayton, who is this rad author who writes the happiest poetry. So I found this poem and fell in love with it instantly! My sister Angelee and I thought it would be fun to film around Laie of her going out “funning” and we truly had the best time. Little did we know how far this video would take us (France to be exact)!! This video is about getting out of your comfort zone so that we can grow. Enjoy!
This was the BEST! Nothing beats a free trip, and a free trip to France makes it that much better! For 2 days, Angelee and I hung out in Cannes for the Nespresso Event at the Cannes Film Festival. The last 3 days, we went dorking around Nice and visiting several museums and sites! It was so fun!! We also managed to make quick visits to cities surrounding, such as Monaco and Ventimiglia Italy.
So the trip to France was super gnarly. Angelee and I got a pretty sweet set up. There was another student from BYUH that went with us. It’s funny how for both trips, I went with someone from BYUH whom I didn’t know before we were already on our way to the airport. So we start our 2-day long journey to France. Once we get there, Nespresso had a car waiting for us, and from there we had hours of fancy-as meals and meet-and-greets. We did that for about 2 days. One of the days, we had a dinner by this guy named Pierre Gagnaire or something, but apparently he’s a big deal. Our meal, had we been at his restaurant, likely would have been upwards of $500 WHAT. Angelee did not love the food, but we blame that on her inexpensive taste haha. So while in Cannes, we had the award ceremonies, and mostly eating at the Nespresso Plage.

On Saturday, we went from our hotel in Cannes to Nice where Angelee and I did a ton of cruising. Honestly, we spent a lot of time just walking around, finding things to do. People would talk to me on the street. I would say, sorry I don’t speak french, and they would just say, “cigarette”. Everyone smokes. So we just walked around, got familiar with the area, took some videos and pictures and called it a day. Sunday was similar, but we spent a lot of our time at museums, cathedrals, and Old Nice. Old Nice is probably like the coolest part of the city. It is so colorful, the food is good, and the architecture is next level. Monday, we decided to venture a little further. We caught a train up into the first town in Italy, just to say we went and ate lunch in Italy. We ventured around, my Italian that I had been trying to learn was gone because I spent 2 weeks trying to learn as much french as possible. It was crazy. So we walk around, it was so beautiful, and there weren’t any tourists, so it was pretty quiet as well. We get back on the train to go to Monaco.

So we’re sitting on this train, and the conductor walks up to us and tells us we need to move. I show him my ticket, just to make sure we’re going in the right direction. He shows us to another seat. I was a little confused as to why, but as we were walking, he pointed back back to our seat and under it was a sleeping homeless man. We didn’t even see him!! So at the next stop, police raided the train and took off 10-20 people. I don’t know why. We go to Monaco, walk up this thing they call “The Rock” and check out the Prince’s Palace and the view. It was dope. Monaco kind of reminded me of Brazil… if Brazil was filled with people who are stinking’ rich.

By the time we got back to Nice, we were so exhausted. We had done so much in the 3 days we were there, all we wanted to do was sleep. That pretty much sums up our trip. It was rad. The end.

APRIL 2017
I. Love. New York. So I was incredibly stoked when my itinerary came in for my trip. For those of you who didn’t know, I won this contest, so me and two other filmmakers were treated with a free trip to NYC. And this is so dumb, but I was dying to go see Anastasia on Broadway, so I bought tickets to go see it. I went with a girl named Abish, who was pretty sweet. We spent most of our time in New York together. When we got there, a taxi came to pick us up. The traffic when we got to the city was HORRIFIC. It had been pouring, and apparently flooding all night, so streets were closed, causing a nightmare in traffic. The driver kept saying “I’ve been here for 35 years and traffic has never been this bad.” It took us 3 hours to get from JFK to the lower-west side. We couldn’t check in immediately, so we went shopping relatively close to the hotel. When we got  back, we got enough time to rest up, and head to dinner right before the show. Like I said, traffic… nightmare. We took the train, but we were held up at every stop on the way down. What should have taken 5 minutes according to Google, took 45 minutes. We got out of the train, and literally ran up and down the streets in Time Square until we found the theatre. The show was awesome. I loved it.The end.

The next day, I went to the temple just to check it out. It was super tight. On my way back, I got on the wrong train, which ended up taking me to Harlem haha. So I got off in Harlem and started heading back downtown. On the train, this guy tried to give me a pair of sneakers because he said he loved my feet. After talking, he showed me pictures of his daughter, and then told me that he wanted to put a baby in me. So I got off that train as soon as possible, and took the next one coming up.

That night was the competition/award ceremony for all of us finalists. Anish and I were so nervous because of the Q&A. It was such a cool set up. We went to the Roxy Hotel where they were playing several shorts from Tribeca and then they would show our shorts. Man, that theatre though was top notch. After our shorts, they announced that I would be going to France! WAAT. It was so rad. Then they had this cocktail parties. Everyone was plastered, but it was awesome. I met a bunch of cool people in the industry.