the process of becoming

drone pilot

if you want to fly a drone and get paid (legally), you will need to get certified as a drone pilot from the federal aviation association. keeping it 100, the test is pretty hard, but it’s also not impossible, and once you get your license, you can get paid to fly a drone!

my experience

In my mind, I imagined there would be a long grueling process. It was actually pretty quick. From the day that I signed up for my FAA pt107 Exam, I started studying. 2 days later, I took the test and got a 92. In order to pass the Exam, you need to get a 70 (so in theory, it shouldn’t be that hard). However, there are a lot of trick questions, so that is something that you will need to keep in mind.

Things to know before going in:

  • The test is 60 questions, and you have 2 hours to complete the test.
  • Every question is multiple choice, and you have 3 options. 
  • The test is practical. There is some memorization that you will have to do, however, most of the questions will not be found from study guides. They want to test your understanding, not what you can memorize.
  • You will be tested on the following: Rules/Regulations of Flying, Airspace & Requirements, Weather, Loading & Performance, and Operations. The
  • The test costs $150. YOU NEED TO STUDY FOR IT. If you Fail, that’s ok, you can try to take it again in 2 weeks.
  • There are several courses online, where you have full access to study guides and lessons. You don’t need to take a course in order to pass the exam. It can definitely help, but it is totally possible to pass the exam without the course. I watched a handful of youtube videos, and read the FAA Study Guide, and I did just fine.
  • Make sure you know how to read a Sectional Chart. There are A LOT of questions on Sectional Charts. Also, if you don’t know what a symbol means, you can refer to the Legend, which will be provided at the front of your booklet.



useful resources

FAA study guide

Everyone has a story. As a videographer, you get to choose how that story is told. You are a story teller, and a story told the right way has the ability to change the world.

practice exam

This is a 65 Question Practice Exam to see what you already know. The questions are a similar format to what you will see in the actual test.

10 tricky questions

The test is designed to trick you and confuse you. If you understand the hardest questions, it makes it a lot easier when those questions arise.


this video is a life-saver

 Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy the ride. The first thing that I did when I started studying for the test was watch this video. It helped me understand so much! I still didn’t fully understand everything, so I went and studied on my own from the FAA Study Guide, watched it again, and SERIOUSLY, it’s a game changer.

another life saver.

This video goes over A LOT of questions that are similar to what you will see on the test. Go over the questions that don’t fully make sense to you and see if the explanations can help you get a new point of view!


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