noteworthy equipment


it can be difficult to know what kind of equipment to buy, especially when you are first starting. camera equipment is famously not cheap, so how can you create your collection? the important thing to do when buying equipment is figure out what will be most useful to you. here is a look at my “camera bag”. i have several camera bodies, but this camera was my first camera that i bought when i had started working professionally.


Camera body : sony a6000

For a beginner, it’s hard to compete with this camera body. The Sony A6000 was the first camera that I bought, and I still use it as a backup camera when I film weddings. For it’s price, there are few entry-level cameras that can compete. While it may be short of a few bells and whistles, it is perfect for someone who is still new to photography, and video.¬†

*The link below is for the BODY ONLY. It does not include a lens.


Camera Lens : 50mm F1.8

This was the lens that I bought with my first camera. It was weird getting used to a Prime Lens for the first time (Prime means that you can’t zoom in or out), but this lens does amazing for wedding videography as well as it takes great portraits. With such a low aperture, you are able to get a beautiful bokeh effect!

sigma 30mm f1.4

This is another great prime lens. It’s a little bit wider than the 50mm so you can also shoot a lot of surroundings.

tamron 28-75mm f2.8

This lens is a great Zoom Lens. It is more expensive than the other 2 lenses (and is more expensive than Sony a6000 wow!) But compared to it’s competitive lens (priced at $2500), it is great for shooting for any occasion. I will say that I use this lens more for photography than for videography.


rode directional microphone

Rode Microphones are great to get better audio for your video. This is great for a quick set up. All you do is connect it to your camera or to a recorder, and it makes for better audio. Since the microphone is directional, you point it towards the person who is talking, and it removes a lot of surround sound.



Lav Mics are great for interviews. The cool thing about this microphone is it is very affordable and can be plugged into a recorder, your camera, or your cell phone (if you have an Aux output.


zoom h5

You really only need a recorder to help with good audio. I like to use the Zoom H5 because I can also hook it up to a soundboard, which comes in handy during weddings. This also does a really good job of recording directly from the recorder.


zhiyun crane v2

This may be one of the biggest and best investments you can make if you are getting into videography. The smooth footage you will get from one of these gimbals will take your footage to a new level!

dji mavic air

Any DJI Drone will be incredibly user friendly and easy to use. The reason that I like the DJI Mavic Air is because it is easy to travel with. Everything that you need to fly the drone can be fit into a tiny camera bag. While the Phantom 4 Pro has a longer flight time and better camera, I like how easy it is to travel with the Mavics.

Seafrogs salted line

This is underwater housing that is specific to Sony A6XXX series. So you can use it with A6000, A6300, and A6500. I like this housing because I can use various different lenses.